Monday, August 18, 2014

Barbara's Cereal Review and Deal!

I have to come in to write this review before I have to dash away from my laptop yet again. Ahhh the duties of a mom to an infant! Anyway, so I'm always on the hunt for deals and steals. Recently I decided I wanted to try Barbara's cereals because my kids could really use a more wholesome choice for breakfast. I'm hesitant because they're a bit more expensive per box than our tried and true favorites. I saw recently that Safeway has these cereals marked down to just $3.99 per box. They're usually $5.99 here, and the size is rather small for such a cost. So I simply never purchased one. Then, one day I found coupon deals that I couldn't pass up!

Deal run down:

Wow! So with this deal I snagged a box. Who wouldn't? I was hesitant to let my kids try it because sometimes these healthy cereals are pretty bland. I grabbed a box of the peanut butter puffins, in hopes of it becoming a favorite over the old *other brand* peanut butter cereal. To my surprised, the kids loved it. It's got a nice crunch and a decent flavor. I'm in shock. My picky autistic son chowed down and asked for more. It seems to stay crunchy enough for their liking. The flavor is a bit different than I was expecting. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just not the friendly over-sugared garbage I've become accustomed to. I actually could see eating this over *my* personal favorite peanut butter cereal.

If you're wondering about Shopmium, it's an app that is available for Android and iPhone platforms. It's available for free on the Play Store and Apple App store. What you do is check to see what offers they have that week. If you decide to purchase the product, all you have to do is scan the barcode and submit your receipt. To submit the receipt, you simply take a picture of it with the feature within the app. SO easy, and your reward can be deposited into your paypal account lightning fast!

Hopster is a coupon program that relies heavily on social media and activities to "boost" your coupons. I traded 1,000 points to boost my coupon from $1 to $2. That's a pretty sweet deal considering their activities are pretty simple. All you need is a printer, and you're all set!

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