Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More on the guilt-free Kroger treats

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I received an invite to a Bzz Agent campaign for Kroger guilt-free frozen treats. All of them are reduced calorie and lower fat. This makes them a good alternative for those of us trying to watch our weight as we journey through weight loss. Comparing them to full fat products, the difference is astounding. The ice cream sandwiches have 2.5g of fat vs other sandwiches which have double that and even more! So you see, these are a great tasting alternative that will leave you feeling less guilty while indulging. Everyone deserves a delicious treat now and then! Why not eat what makes you happy, but not have to worry about it?

That's where these treats come in! I know you might be thinking that they are bland, or have that fake sugar/low-fat taste most similarly labeled products usually have. I'm here to tell you that they don't. I was pleasantly surprised by each that I've tried thus far, to see just how amazing these were. I still felt like I was eating my regular favorites despite the fact that these are significantly less of an impact on my daily intake.

Firstly, the yogurt smoothie bars. My first thought is YUM! They're smooth in texture like you'd expect of a yogurt bar. The flavor is richer than expected. You can taste the hints of fruit throughout. Completely worth it. I think my box totaled about $3.50-3.75-ish. There are 12 pieces per box, so a box can last quite a while depending on how quickly you consume frozen treats. I would definitely share these with my kids, but they waver on appreciating super cold food. That's okay, more for me! Definitely 5 stars on this product!

Next, ice cream sandwiches. I just want to say that these are super yummy. The sandwich cookie is nice and chocolatey, like it should be. it didn't taste like a fake low fat/low calorie treat. The ice cream was creamy, and flavorful. I prefer the vanilla variety as I'm not really a huge chocolate fan. I know! Surprising fact. I don't hate chocolate, I would just rather have chocolate paired with something else. So that makes the chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream the perfect pairing. I still have to keep checking the label to see that these are REALLY that much better as far as calories and fat go. These are going to be in my freezer for the rest of the summer/fall. For sure. I am in love. 5 Stars!

Finally, the fudge pops. I do like these, they're just not my preference. My husband though? He's obsessed! My husband has a metabolic disorder that causes him to have trouble losing weight. In an effort to stay healthy, he has to live on a special diet that involves no fat/low fat food items only. So these are perfect. I think they're 1 or 1.5g fat per bar. He can have these and feel like he's not missing out. He says they taste a lot like Frostys from Wendy's. I agree with him.. but these are 100x better! They're creamy, and rich. I wasn't expecting that from this kind of fudge bar. Usually they're very icey, less like a real fudge bar. Hubby says 5 stars. I'm going to go ahead and say 4 or 4.5. They're just not really a favorite.. low fat or not. I don't really care much for regular fudge pops either.

Disclaimer: I do receive coupons for free or discounted products from BzzAgent. I have to make note of this in each blog entry so that you are informed. I deliver only 100% truthful reviews so that you can get a better idea of what you would like to try. In this case, I still haven't received my bzzkit, so I went out and purchased these items on my own -- with my own money.

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