Friday, November 22, 2013

The Holidays Are Upon Us!

So I'd like to start by filling you all in on deals for this holiday season. It's hard to keep up with deals so if you follow my blog, you'll be sure to catch these deals when they're still available.

VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System - Pink

So let's start this off with a cool device. I haven't seen these get any lower in price so far this year. I have seen one Black Friday preview saying they'd have this a little cheaper.. but if you're like me, I'm not going anywhere on Black Friday! So this MobiGo 2 Touch Learning system is marked down to $29.99 with Prime Eligible Shipping! If you spend $35 or more you can get free shipping on Amazon with Super Saver Shipping. This system that is marked down is pink, but I suspect the orange color will also eventually get marked down again. I just snagged one for the same price a few days ago. The thing I've noticed is that this system has games that regularly go on sale and clearance, even high rated games! That makes it a plus for me.

VTech MobiGo Software - Elmo and Abbey; Nature Explorers

So every kid needs a good set of games to go with their new learning system! Check this one out, $7.19 with prime eligible shipping. It gets 4 1/2 stars! Wow! I snagged this one for my kiddo that is getting the MobiGo 2 for Christmas. I saw this same game at Toys R Us this week for $19.99! I think this price is a steal.

Fisher-Price LP Disney Klipklop Stable

This is a HOT toy this year. When I went to purchase one for my daughter at Target, I literally was one of a few people going for the same toy. When I circled back again to maybe pick up a second for a gift, the entire shelf was CLEARED.. and the store didn't have more in the back. I think this may be the big winner for my daughter this year. So far I've not come across a better price. Seems every store has them for $35.99 and up. This is a good price at $29.99 with eligible prime shipping!

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